Below are some links to a few of the scientific studies using Protandim or linking nrf2 pathway with disease processes or disorders. File these away to pull out when you are sharing with others about Protandim. You can find MUCH more than these on or Google Scholar search engines which will weed out uneducated opinions so you can read what the scientists and doctors are saying about oxidative stress and Protandim.

All of these links are from respected scholarly sites.

This is the study that the ABC PrimeTime video refers to:

Study investigating synergistic effect of 5 components in Protandim:

Skin Cancer study which lead to development of TrueScience skin care (containing Protandim ingredients):

Heart Disease:

Protandim and nrf2 pathway:

Overview of nrf2 pathway:

Great site for overview of current research about nrf2 pathway:

A recently developed site summarizing the research and disease processes regarding the nrf2 pathway which is activated by Protandim.